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Click the underlined text below to view the presentation given at the 2018 Conference (if available).

City of St. Augustine, FL: Lessons Learned from Hurricanes Matthew & Irma
Martha Graham, Public Works Director & City Engineer, City of St. Augustine, FL

Resilient Rhody: Going Above & Beyond in the Ocean State
Shaun O’Rourke, Stormwater & Resiliency Director & Chief Resilience Officer, State of Rhode Island


What’s New in the World of Floodplain Management
Molly Kaput, Natural Hazards Specialist & Bob Desaulniers, Regional Insurance Specialist, FEMA


Update from the Association of State Floodplain Managers (ASFPM)
Chad Berginnis, Executive Director, ASFPM

Folder Materials

Bayside Adapts: Effective Planning Starts with Good

Kelly Knee, RPS & Mary McCrann, Woodard and Curran

Maintaining Green Infrastructure -- tools and tips

Meg Kerr, Audubon Society of Rhode Island


Providing Resilience Education for Planning in RI

Jennifer West, Narragansett Bay Research Reserve & Pam Rubinoff, URI Coastal Resources Center/RI Sea Grant

Ignite Panel: Storm Mitigation for Coastal Buildings Rob
Lambert, Burgin Lambert Architects;
Senior Resiliency
Project: Preparing Senior Living Facilities for Extreme
Weather Events
Laura Bozzi, RI Department of Health;
Proactive Planning with Rapid PACE, a Coastal Property
Assessment Tool
Pam Rubinoff, URI Coastal Resources
Center/RI Sea Grant

Workshop: Green Infrastructure Case Studies &
Lessons Learned

Peter M. Hanrahan, Everett J. Prescott, Inc.

Decision Support for Resilient Communities: EPA’s
Watershed Management Optimization Support Tools

Dr. Naomi Detenbeck, U.S. Environmental Protection
Agency, Atlantic Ecology Division

Digital Coast: Building Resilience Through Partnerships
Jamie Carter, The Baldwin Group at NOAA Office for
Coastal Management

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