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Conference Planning Committee

Organize the annual spring conference including planning, preparation, logistics, workforce, equipment, and collection of data and information. Delegating members to specific tasks, and lead discussions to keep everyone on target.

2022-23: Leah Feldman (Chair), Emily Morse, Igor Runge

Technical Committee

Track pertinent local, State, and national regulations, assess and communicate legislative matters in an effort to educate and activate our membership to participate in public policy decision making concerning floodplain management.

2022-23: Art Gold, Chip Lawrence

Education & Outreach Committee

Organize events for the floodplain community, provide training opportunities, push events on social media. Coordinate the development of the biannual newsletter.

2022-23: Sarah DeSimone, Toni Pignatelli

Membership Committee

Maintain list of past and active members; recruit new members.

2022-23: Emily Morse, Megan Elwell

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