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Rhode Island Flood Mitigation Association (RIFMA) was formed In October 2006. The goal of the organization is to form a network of associates who could bring their ideas and experiences to a forum for people to share and learn from. The result of the Association is a network of floodplain managers who can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of all aspects of floodplain management in the State of Rhode Island. The Association includes:

City and County Officials

Consulting Engineers and Surveyors
State Government: CRMC, EMA, DEM, DOT, and DHS
Watershed Districts
Insurance Agents
Land Trusts

The first RIFMA Board of Directors worked to create the basis of the Association with the help of many other individuals and to establish training opportunities for floodplain managers from around the state to gather, share ideas, and experiences at conferences and workshops.

The Board also conducts meetings periodically to discuss the status of the Association and to discuss any upcoming floodplain management issues. The Conference Committee is always busy planning for the next annual gathering and welcomes new ideas for topics or activities. The annual conferences, normally held in late April, provide a unique opportunity to network with regional, state, and federal staff outside of the typical meeting format.

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Strategic Plan

The RIFMA Board of Directors conducted a strategic planning process from July to December of 2018. During this time, the Board identified strategic questions facing RIFMA, codified its logic model/theory of change, conducted interviews with twenty-five (25) stakeholders and RIFMA members, held two planning retreats, revised its mission and vision, identified goals, objectives and capacity investments and completed a financial forecast for the three years of the plan. The plan was approved by the Board on February 14, 2019.

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